• Step 1

    Choose which apparel product you want to offer your design on. We have over a hundred adult, youth, and ladies, t-shirts, tanks, & sweatshirts available for decoration.

  • Step 2

    Add your own artwork or use our design tool to create the product that you want to offer. Our design tool allows you to add any of our thousands of clipart images as well as create unique text using one of our 100 fonts available.

  • Step 3

    You choose how much you want to make from each sale from your campaign. Set a sales goal and we will calculate your potential profit from the campaign.

  • Step 4

    Configure your campaign’s details by giving it a name, description, and choose the length. You can upload your logo and a banner image to promote your campaign.

  • Step 5

    Launch your campaign by configuring a username and password, configure the URL, and agree to your terms and conditions.

Run a Product Campaign

What & Why Campaigns?

Our campaigns allow you to make money by creating a demand for a certain design to be screen printed onto whatever products you want to offer. Traditional screen printing would require an upfront investment and force you to sit on printed inventory. The campaign feature gives you the ability to offer a range of products featuring the same design, while putting no money down. As the campaign manager, you have complete control of your margin from each sale and the duration of the campaign.

Once your campaign is launched you will be able to see it through your designated URL. You can edit some of the campaign’s details and add your paypal information by logging into the campaign. Running a campaign is 100% FREE and there is no risk to you!

Start a Campaign